Baltimore MD - April 24, 2007

President Shirley Tilghman's Town Meeting, 6 - 8 pm at the Inner Harbor's  InterContinental Harbor Court Hotel + '61 class dinner to follow at the nearbyRusty Scupper, 402 Key Highway. Send email to to let us know you plan to attend, AND click here to visit Alumni Council's info page and to RSVP for the Town Meeting. Dinner Chair: Art Smith

Town Meeting: superb presentation by President Tilghman, and an erudite lecture on health research by a professor at the University. Unfortunately, the hotel had an awful PA system, which made both hard to understand. The Class Dinner: very casual, at a nearby restaurant overlooking the Inner Harbor of Baltimore. Great view, good Maryland food (lots of us chose the crab cakes) and good company.

These off-Reunions gatherings are very nice, as we all get a chance to simply talk to classmates, and not under the rush rush of Reunions. I urge anyone who can to come to the Class Dinner on Friday evening June 1 at Carol Wojie's house in Princeton. Excellent chance to catch up on happenings of friends, as well as talk to guys in a relaxed setting. No time deadlines and plenty of friendly company.  ---- Art Smith

Who was there?

Jim Adams
George & Anne Barker.
George Brakeley
Lewis Neisner
Charles & Judith Reusch & friend Donna Kozuch
Art Smith

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