February 4, 2021

Dear Classmate/Associate,


Re: our 60th Reunion, May 20 - 23, 2021

We have been advised by the University that this year's reunion will be virtual. Here's what the Alumni Council has said:


"In view of ongoing concerns related to the pandemic, we have made the difficult decision that Reunions will not take place on campus and will be held as a virtual event this May. We will miss this opportunity to gather in person as Princetonians but have determined that convening on campus for even a modified celebration with guests from around the world is not prudent or possible this spring."


In anticipation of this decision, our reunion committee has been working on a virtual reunion program. You are invited to attend via your own device, over the internet, free of charge. We will also be offering some clothing and other items on an a la carte basis.


Here are some of the activities we are planning, to be grouped into sessions. Some of the sessions which are recorded will still be available for viewing online after the virtual reunion has ended.


o A welcome by Class Officers
o Class news from George Brakeley
o A tour of the campus by Jon Hlafter
o Tales of our "escapades"
o A photo history of our class by Ken Lomas
o Your choice of events to be offered by the University (forums, lectures, etc.)
o Videos of prior P-rades
o The Princeton Band
o A Class of '61 memorial service led by Jim Adams
o A virtual class meeting chaired by Peter Pettibone
o A group singing of "Old Nassau" led by Patrick Davidson


Needless to say, we're making history. This will be our first Major Reunion to be attempted on line.

We want it to be entertaining, creative, and informative, and we welcome your thoughts regarding the program. Further, we're hoping that all classmates will attend at least some, if not all, of the program from the comfort of our own homes!


We would appreciate knowing your thoughts on attending this virtual reunion, and any suggestions you may have for content. Please address them to any class officer, or to Joe McGinity, attendance chair mcginj9@gmail.com.


We will be in touch with you as our reunion committee continues to develop the program.

We hope you will join us on line in May!


Please stay safe and healthy,


Peter Pettibone
Class President


Joe Prather
Vice-president & Reunion Chair


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