As Amended at Class Meeting of May 21, 2021


ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose

The name of this organization shall be "Princeton University Class of 1961", hereinafter referred to as "the class”. The purpose of the organization shall be to further the interests, welfare and educational aims of Princeton University.




ARTICLE II - Membership

Membership shall consist of:

(1) Regular Members, who are all men who are listed officially by Princeton University as being in the class of 1961, (2) Associate Members, who are widows of classmates, who are welcome at any class event, but do not have voting rights, and (3) Honorary Members, whose nomination has been made by any member of the class or by the Executive Committee, and whose election has been effected by a vote of the class at an annual meeting. A candidate for Honorary Membership requires that he or she has made specific contributions to the class that are meaningful. 

ARTICLE III - Officers

The officers of the class shall consist of a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

1.         Election of Class Officers

a.         Elections of the Officers shall be held every fifth year after 1961. Candidates for the offices shall be regular members of the class and shall include all persons nominated by the Executive Committee prior to the first day of April in the election year.

b.         The election of the Officers shall be held at the annual meeting of the class at major reunions.  The Executive Committee will propose the  slate, but nominations of other candidates from classmates will be encouraged as well. Announcement of the names of the newly elected officers will be made to the class after the Reunion of the election year.

2.         Appointment of Other Officers and Agents

The President shall appoint the Reunion Chairman, the Webmaster, one or more Class Agents, and such additional agents and representatives of the class as he may deem appropriate.

3.         Term

The President and the Vice President(s) shall each hold office commencing July 1 in the year of the election and continuing for a term of five years, or until his successor is elected and takes office, or until his earlier death or resignation. Unless approved by the Executive Committee, no incumbent, other than the Secretary, may succeed himself in office directly, but may be elected to another office.

4.         Duties and Powers

The duties and powers of the officers shall be as follows:

a.         In general as to all officers

(1)        To be a member of the Executive Committee;

(2)        To perform all the duties attendant on his office whether or not specifically set forth herein.

b.         President

(1)        Subject to the control of the Executive Committee, to have general and active charge and to undertake the supervision of all the business and affairs of the class, and to see that all directions, orders and resolutions of the Executive Committee are carried into effect;

(2)        To preside at all class meetings and all meetings of the Executive Committee;

(3)        To give such authorizations and approvals and to make such determinations as are hereinafter provided;

(4)        To send out such newsletters or other class communications as may be appropriate, including announcement of class elections;

(5)        To use his best efforts to be, or to designate, the class representative at all meetings and functions of the Alumni Council;

(6)        To invite all members of the class to nominate candidates prior to the first day in April in election years.

c.         Vice President

(1)        To act in the place of the President in his absence or incapacity;

(2)        To perform such other duties as may be delegated to him by the President;

d.         Secretary

(1)        To keep or supervise all records of the class;

(2)        To provide regular class notes for the Princeton Alumni Weekly;

(3)        To write, or designate classmates to write, individual memorials for publication in the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

(4)        To keep the minutes of all meetings of the class and of the Executive Committee.


e.         Treasurer

(1)        To be responsible for all general class assets;

(2)        To raise necessary class funds by dues or by other means;

(3)        To sign all checks on the class bank account and pay all bills of the class;

(4)        To render detailed financial reports to the Executive Committee as required by such committee, to be submitted to the President on or before the first day of August;

(5)        To open a class bank account in any bank upon the written authorization of any two officers of the class;

(6)        To deposit with or without interest and to invest the assets of the class in any investment or re-investment which shall be first approved at any meeting of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IV - Executive Committee

The business and affairs of the class shall be managed by an Executive Committee.

1.         Composition

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Class Officers, the immediate past president of the class and such other members of the class as the President may appoint with the consent of the Committee.

2.         Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy in any class office, Class Agent, Reunion Chair or any class representative, the Executive Committee by majority vote may appoint a replacement to serve the balance of the term.

3.         Committees

The Executive Committee may appoint such other agents or committees as it may deem appropriate.

4.         Meetings and Quorum

The Executive Committee shall meet at least annually at the call of the President or of any two members, and three shall be a quorum at any such meeting. The Executive Committee may meet by conference telephone call, E-mail or other means by which all participants may see or hear the comments of all others and may act by unanimous written consent. A member may waive notice of any meeting or action before or after the same.


ARTICLE V - Class Meetings

The Class shall hold an annual meeting during reunions at Princeton University, at such place as the President and the Reunion Chairman shall determine, or virtually. The members present at an annual meeting shall constitute a quorum. The vote of the majority of those voting on any question, except the election of officers and the adoption of amendments, shall suffice to carry the same.

ARTICLE VI - Adoption and Amendment

This constitution shall be adopted and may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting. Amendments may be proposed at any annual meeting by any member of the class.



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