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What's New? May PAW column. Blair honored. Mac's watercolors. Sykes visits. Honorary Captain Blair. Newens/Graber meet. Remember Scotty Marsh? Wisner's daughter climbs. Old Russia Hands Panel Discussion. '61 in the Peace Corps. Jim Diaz's report.

Deaths posted within the last 6 months (click any name for obit): Walt Conrad. Frank Odo. Peter Boer. Mike Iseman. Olie West. Jack Stith. Michael Harris. Steve Berger. Bill Rukeyser. Ron Rossman. Lawrence Landwehr. Tom Powers. David Beall.


Deaths reported but awaiting details: Paul Rubincam 3/17/23. Steve Heller (2/23).             


We are now in fiscal year '22-'23 and we again have a 61% goal. As of December 31, 184 classmates and associates (41%) have paid dues.
For the previous fiscal year ('21-'22), 230 classmates and associates (49.8%) paid dues.

Please log in and click here to see your personal payments history, pay your dues, and optionally donate to the scholarship fund and Foundation. (Note: login is optional; but if you do, you can see your payments history and the system will auto-fill your information for you.) Dues payments and donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.


Virtual Yearbook

In the on-line "Virtual Yearbook" you can read about classmates, look at their photos (many were not in the print edition and most are in color). You can edit your profile, your essay, and add/delete photos as you see fit.  While logged on, click this link and use the navigation buttons on the top and right.

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It has three selections: Classmates (you can look up details on anyone) My Profile (update your own details), Deceased (lists all those we've lost, including links to their memorials).                



  • 62nd Reunion: May 26-28, 2023. Class Dinner Friday night 6pm at Nassau Club. '62 will join us.

         Who's coming so far: Len & Doris Berton, Jim & Susan Blair, Ellen Boer, George & Tamara Brakeley, Joe & Maureen McGinity, Frank Novak*, Peter & Jean Pettibone, Art Smith.
        *can't make the dinner


  • Alumni Day: Feb. 25, 2023. Details, click here.

  • May 19-22, 2022: 61st Reunion. Class Dinner Friday night at Nassau Club.

  • Who's Coming? Somers, McGinity, Havens, Carol Wojciechowicz, Boer, Adams, Brakeley, Pickens, Prather, Shattuck, Hlafter, Newlin, Berton , Wickenden, Kimball, Blyler, Blair.
  • April 4-6, 2022: Class Gathering in D.C. Area.
  • Committee: Gene Lawson, Bob Fuller, Art Smith, Ev & Joe Prather, Peter & Ellen Boer, Gil Omenn, Len Berton, George Brakeley and Peter Pettibone. Click here for the details.
  • February 19, 2022: Alumni Day

  • Virtual 60th Reunion. May 20 - 23, 2021. Click here to go to Schedule page.

    Who's "coming"
J. AdamsEmmersonIsemanNewensStith
AlexanderB.EwingP.Johnson's widow & daughterPatrickSupplee
BrakeleyGordonLeisringRentschlervon Rohr
J.BurnhamGreenbergManningW.B.Rose C.Watson
176 classmates/associates
  • A Woodrow Wilson virtual panel discussion was held on September 8, 2020 on Zoom. To view the meeting "tape", click this link https://youtu.be/Ne4n4tXRg2c. Please do not share this link with anyone outside our class.

  • Saturday February 22, 2020- Alumni Day. Click here to go to the University web page.

  • Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 1pm: Caring Committee conference call on "Loneliness". Click here for article on the subject. Chair: Bob Pickens

  • Saturday, November 9, 2019 at 3pm: Class Gathering at Yankee Stadium for Dartmouth football game.

    Click here for earlier events.

Our Class News page contains short items which appear from newest to oldest.  Some items appear on the Class Acts if they are longer.  We welcome your submissions but suggest you read our Guidelines.  You can see the roster of Class Officers (including their smiling faces).  Also, please go to the President's Page, and the Treasurer's Page.  Viewing and updating personal data requires classmates to login with their own i.d. and password.

Memorials are on the PAW website.  Past Class Notes are archived on PAW as well.

If you are a member or widow of the class, this is your site.  This medium serves as a valuable resource for news of the class.  Please tell other classmates!  Whether you have news about yourself or others, want to post a notice of a class event, or have other information of interest, please send it here.  Items will also be passed on to our class secretary, George Brakeley, for possible use in PAW.

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Click here for earlier past events.  Click here for the class song.


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