If you can supply missing email and/or postal addresses for the below classmates, please send email to web@princeton61.org and the information will also go to Alumni Records.  Let's shrink these lists!  Thank you.


                           MISSING EMAIL

Benton Bassett
Eugene Bachman
Modris O. Baum
William F. Buford
John B. Burchill
Curtis Campaigne III
Nicholas W. Carper
Richard L. Danehower
James G. Dill Jr
Paul F. Edwards
H. Brian Eyerly*
Alexander M. Forrester III
Alan S. Ginsberg
Christopher B. Gordon
Thomas N. Klug
Frederic F. Kreisler
John Kremer III
Ernest J. Langham III
Veljo Maar
Stephen J. Nemecek
Lewis F. Nettrour
Roger John Nissly
Stephen L. Owen
Richard N. Rand Jr
Gilbert P. Rose
Robert B. Ryland**
Stephen R. Ryter
Paul Sanger
L. William Shields
Francis R. Snodgrass
Barend van Gerbig II
Donald L. Washabaugh
Yung Wong**


*does not use email   ** opt-out



                           NO GOOD ADDRESS

Classmates (29)
David Auld
Samuel Case
James H. Dolvin
William R. Dwyer
Douglas G. Fong
John D. Fountain
L. Gene Griffiths
James H. Hadley
Peter Howanitz
Walter I. Jacobs
Richard C. Maximon
Joel G. McClellan
Louis W. Morgan
Peter W. Nichols
Bigelow M. Parker
Vincent A. Peluso*
George D. Pence
R. Crosby Reheis
Michael D. Reynolds
Malcolm L. Spencer
George W. Taylor
Eugene Vanderpool
Henry A. Walter
M. Cameron Watson*
Wesley R. Weber
William L. White
Peter H. Wilde
Donald M. Youngren
Peter Yurkiw


*possibly deceased


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