Reunion Co-chairs
oe & Ev Prather, VJ Menna

Alumni Faculty Forums
Jim Kellogg

Associates Liaison
Carol Wojciechowicz

Joe McGinity
    Justin Kimball
    John McLaughlin
    Paul Rubincam

Dick Manning (men)

Ev Prather (ladies)

Entertainment/P-rade Music
Jim Blair

Whitey Finch (tennis)
Andy Higgins (golf)

Finance / Registration
Jay Parsons
    Vern Close

Food & Beverages
Bob Pickens

     Howie Harrison

George Brakeley
Mike Burton
Patrick Davidson
John Graham

Tom Donnelly (On campus)
Sam Leisring (Off campus)

Memorial Service
Jim Adams

Ken Scasserra

George Barker

Promotion / DVD / Publicity
Ken Lomas

Theme / Logo / P-rade
Jon Hlafter

Website / Technology / Registration
Len Berton

Yearbook / Directory
Don Swan
   Dick Edmunds
   Scott McWhinnie
      Phil Bruner
      Dave Draudt
      Jon Hagstrom
      Markley Huey
      Drew Hyland
      Mike Iseman
      Dan Jackson
      Jim Lane
      Don Lewin
      Shelby McKenzie
      Wilson Morris
      Don Spangenberg

Undergraduate Crew
Matt Jacobson '12
   Calvin Hunt '13
      Will Barrett '13
      Caroline Blake '13     

      Julia Festa '14
      Cody Kitchen '14
      Charlie Langerhans '13
      Will Lawley '13
      Julia Macalaster '12
      John Mattern '12
      Kathy Qu '13
      Jake Sally '12
      Rachel Sheehy '13
      Ben Tweardy '12
      Zach Wyzgoski '12    

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