If you would like to contribute to the Princeton Class of 1961 Foundation you may do so by contributing to the General Fund, the Needy Classmates’ Fund, or to a specific project.

If you would like to make your contribution by check, please mail it to:

Princeton Class of 1961 Foundation

Sunrise Senior Living

26 River Rd,, Suite 214

Summit, NJ 07901

Please indicate to which funds or projects it should be applied.

We can also accept appreciated securities as donations. By gifting appreciated securities to the Foundation, a tax-exempt charity, you avoid paying capital gains on the transferred securities and the donation amount is usually tax-deductible.

To donate securities to the Foundation you need to provide written instructions to your bank or broker. A simple instruction letter might read:

I wish to make an irrevocable gift to The Princeton Class of 1961 Foundation, Inc. of "n" shares of "XYZ" Corporation. Please transfer the stock to The Princeton Class of 1961 Foundation, Inc. via DTC as follows:

    Broker's name: LPL Financial
    DTC#: 0075
    Account Name: Princeton Class of 1961 Foundation, Inc.
    Account #: 67734868

It is advisable to consult with your tax advisor regarding your charitable donation methods.

You may also donate to the Foundation in conjunction with your Class Dues payment (click Dues on the left of any web page).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Foundation's trustees.

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