George Brakeley
, Class Secretary and Historian, has initiated this archival look back at old class documents. We think you will find them both amusing and nostalgic.

11/22/58: Princeton-Dartmouth football program (abridged).  Left as an exercise for the reader to find all our classmates.  Click here.

6/26/66: Five Years Out - Survey results by Bill Michelson. Click here.

6/3/71: Ten Years Out - Survey results by Yung Wong and Jim Kellogg. Click here.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. day, January 20, 2014, the Mudd Library sent class president Prather a reference to their archives which contains these photos of our classmates who met with Dr. King during his Princeton visits.  The Archives have substantial information concerning his 1960 and 1962 visits as part of the Student Christian Association’s Biennial Religious Conference.

In the left photo, Dr. King is with Assistant Dean of the Chapel Reimers on the steps of Chancellor Green in March 1960.  Behind them are Dan Jackson, Jerry Shattuck, Tom Garrett and John McConnell.

Dan and John are also with Dr. King in the right photo, but who is that in between them?

Taken in the Spring of 1961. Left to right are Manager George Fallon (was in the class of 1961, but graduated with '63); Frank Browne '62; Pres Seckel '63; Bing Powell '62; Captain Jack Huiskamp '61; Coach Harry Kinnell; Dick Roman '62; Rob Walker '61; Paul Earle '61; Ned Longson '61; and Lynn Adelman '61. The 1961 team was undefeated that season; won the Ivy League, Metropolitan NY and Eastern Intercollegiate stroke play tournaments; and sent three players to the NCAA Championship in June 1961. According to the letterhead stationery of Princeton Golf, the 1961 Ivy Championship was the first for a Princeton golf team.

Paul Earle - 3/26/14

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