After many years of seeing Patrick Davidson and Diane Barlow together at most class events, on October 16, 2004 (which happens to be 61 backwards), they finally got married after a very long "courtship."  A contingent of classmates, along with spouses and guests, attended.

Kathy Wall, Dick Deyo '60, Ken ScasserraRick Wall, the blushing bride (Diane Barlow Davidson),Dick Manning, the blushing groom, Bill Ramsay (roomie and best man), George BrakeleyJoe McGinity

Also on hand: Rachel Manning, Ellen Brakeley, Maureen McGinity, Bill Ramsay's friend Barbara Touhy, Charlie Rippin, and Dick and Doris Kersten (no idea where Charlie and Dick were when the photo was taken).  The wedding was in the Episcopal Church of Saint Paul, Summit NJ, the Reverend Elizabeth Kaeton presiding.  In her homily, she said, "There is but one word on the lips of everyone in this church about this wedding........................ FINALLY!"  Pat promptly turned bright red while the entire congregation burst into laughter.  The Davidsons are honeymooning in Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti.  Dirty work, but someone has to do it. 

Photo by the unofficial class photographer, Ellen Brakeley, and text by the official class secretary, George.

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