New Haven, CT - Winter, 2008

Men's Basketball Game: Saturday, March 1, 8pm note new times

The class is planning a gathering in New Haven centered around the men's basketball game. Judy and Hank Sykes will host* the group for pre-game libations hors d'ouvres and supper at 5:30 pm. Hank has already purchased a block of tickets** and can get more if needed. Following the game, we will return to the Sykes's home for a post-game supper. 

Please send email to and indicate if you are coming, and whether you will be joining the group for the pre-game and the post-game.

*76 McKinley Avenue  (directions will be provided)
New Haven, CT 06515-2732 

**The seats are in five, five and two in the first three rows near court center and just to the left of the Princeton bench.

Per Person Contribution: please reimburse Hank $10 for food/drink + $8 for the ticket when you arrive. 



Who was there?

Len Berton
George & Ellen Brakeley
Drew Hyland
Sam & Marsha Leisring
Tim & Anne Mygatt
Hank & Judy Sykes

                                          Front: Ellen, Anne, Judy, Marsha
                                      Rear: Tim, Sam, Hank, Drew, George, Len

                                   Len, Drew, Marsha, Sam, Judy, Anne, George, Hank, Tim

Photos by Ellen Brakeley

Bonus: Women's Game Friday, February 15, 7pm

Please let Hank know if you are interested. [Sweetener: seniors 65+ are free! Anybody qualify?]

Go Tigers!

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