Only 6 classes have been given this opportunity, and our Great Class of 1961 is one of them! (The Who was there? list and photos are at the bottom of this page.)

Schedule of Activities:

Friday Morning

Samuel Wang, Professor of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Samuel Wang, will discuss:
Neuroscience in the 21st Century: Brain Circuits, Technologies, Human Individuality and Autism. Take notes because you’ll want to be prepared for one of the precepts (or less taxing activities).

Friday Lunch

Enjoy lunch with other '61 classmates at one of the dining halls.

Friday Afternoon

Mark Beissinger, Henry W. Putnam Professor of Politics and Director of the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies will give a lecture on: Ukraine, Russia, and the Redefinition of the Post-Cold War Political Order Following Professor Beissinger’s lecture you’ll get to choose whether or not to attend a precept or a tour.

Friday Evening

Join your fellow '61 classmates for dinner in the private dining room at Whitman College.

Saturday Morning

Participate in more academic programming with panels of current students who will discuss their experiences at Princeton today.

Saturday Afternoon

Lunch at your leisure followed by the Princeton vs. Penn Football Game (3:30 kickoff); buy tickets at the gate or call ticket office (609) 258-4849 - Go Tigers!

Who's was there?
Patrick & Diane Davidson
Jim Kellogg & Bob McLanahan '55
Katie Little '16
Peter Pettibone
Joe & Ev Prather
Charles & Judith Reusch
Harry & Kathy Tollerton
Carol Wojciechowicz
Justin Ziegler '16
Ed Zschau

Professor Prather

Joe , Prof. Mark Beissinger, Ev Prather

Dinner at Whitman

Justin Ziegler passes out '16 scarves to Diane Davidson and Ev who are very appreciative on a cold and windy night

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