The Caring Committee of the class of 1961 would like to bring you up-to-date on the development of its "caring network". We are organizing a core of volunteers from among classmates and their spouses, who are willing to share their experiences with illness, either as a patient, or a caregiver, with classmates who seek such support.

Examples of such pairings
over the past months include: 2 classmates living with Parkinsonism sharing experiences and planning to communicate with each other on a regular basis; a classmate diagnosed with cancer, and requiring a bone marrow transplant communicating with a classmate who has experienced a similar illness and treatment; the wife of a classmate finding support for her decision making about aortic valve replacement.

To achieve our goal, we have partnered with CHN (Cancer Hope Network)
which has been confidentially bringing volunteers and cancer patients together for support for over 30 years. They have agreed to participate in our project to include non-cancer illnesses as well. To date, 7 classmates and 3 spouses have undergone an online training session,facilitated by CHN, to prepare them to serve as support volunteers.

We encourage any of you, or your spouses, to join this initiative, either as a patient or a caregiver. Currently volunteers who have experienced cancer, cardiac related disease, and neurological degenerative diseases of aging, are available for support.

Please contact Robert Pickens, Caring Committee Chair at pickens.robert@gmail.com

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