45th Reunion

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Link to Page Chair Latest Update
Reunion Co-chairs JOE & EV PRATHER Joe Prather 4/20/05
Alumni Faculty Forums REYNOLDS Joe Prather 4/23/05
Associates Liaison CAROL WOJCIECHOWICZ Joe McGinity  1/13/06
Attendance DONNELLY   Tom Donnelly 3/14
Costumes KIMBALL 
Ev Prather 2/14/06
Entertainment BLAIR Ev Prather 3/17/06
Events BRAKELEY/McGINITY Whitey Finch 5/3/06
Food & beverages PICKENS Pickens/Parsons 5/26/06
Housing MANNING Dick Manning 8/15/05
Finance & Registration PARSONS Joe Prather 5/4/06
Headquarters & Crew MENNA Christina Costantino 6/5/06
Memorial Service ADAMS Jim Adams; Ken Scasserra 1/21/05
Meetings & Minutes EV PRATHER Joe Prather 10/27/05
P-rade BRAKELEY George Brakeley 3/21/06
Program NEWLIN Len Berton 5/10/06
Publicity & Promotion NEWLIN Ted Newlin 5/3/05
Theme/Logo ALL Joe Prather 10/18/05
Vendor Relations BLYLER  
Web Site/Technology BERTON  
Yearbook/Directory McGINITY Joe McGinity 4/21/06

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