45th Reunion

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Kudos to photographers extraordinaire Ellen Brakeley, John Graham, Rachel Manning, Stella Parsons, and Hank Sykes. Also to Hank and George for lots of captions.  Enjoy their work.

Going Back
 : Turn up your speakers (them gals can sing!) and don't miss the first picture 

Page 1: Goldman wins free reunion

Page 2:  Class photos at Blair Arch (including the professional's shot)

Page 3: .McKensie, Higgins, Hyland, Swan, Leisring, Graham, McWhinnie, Karjala, Berton, Manning, McGinity

Page 4: Finch, Wong, Donnelley, Prather, Brakeley, Ferry

Page 5: M Smith, Pickens, Barker, R Johnson, Blair, Brakeley

Page 6: J Diaz, W Miller, Driscoll, Lomas, Selwood, Oestreich

Page 7: Kramer, Rubincam, Bjorkholm, O'Neill, Hagstrom, McLaughlin, Newens

Page 8: Sue Blair, Scott, McKenzie, Karjala, McWhinnie, Rankin, Henshaw

Page 9: Gotten, Omenn, Newlin, Swan, McWhinnie, Boorn, MacKenzie, Cooper

Page 10: MacKenzie, Cooper, Daisy, Quilty, Prather, Miles, McGinity, Whitehead

Page 11: Brakeley, Blyler, Rubincam, Leisring, Morris, Manning

Page 12: Kornrumpf, MacKenzie, Scasserra's family, Close, Norton, Kimball

Page 13: O'Neill, Wall, Atkiss, Norton, W Miller, Selwood, Davidson

Page 14: Leisring, McKenzie, Johnson, Fisher, Henshaw, Forney, lining up for P-rade

Page 15: Walker, Tuffnell, T Mygatt, Pettibone, Andrews, Falconer, Messina, M Smith, Donnelly

Page 16: McReynolds, Sykes, Koprowski, Tollerton, Bjorkholm, Scheele

Page 17: Rankin, Miles, McLaughlin, Co-chairs, Crew

Page 18: A Smith, Brakeley, Greenberg, Walker, Parsons, Leisring, Wickenden, Prather, Higgins, Horner, Menna, Runne

Page 19: Neisner, Wall, Davidson, Manning, Reusch, Zschau, Scasserra, McGinity, Wickenden, Brakeley, Swan, W Finch, Norton

Page 20: Webster, Hlafter, Blyler, Georgescu, Brakeley, Krongard, Hitz, Graham, Ramsay

Page 21: P Johnson, Tilghman, R Johnson, Iseman, McGinity, Menna, Kimball, Prather, Graham

Page 22: Scasserra, Donnelly, Adams, Brakeley, Davidson, McKenzie, Goldman, Iseman, Blair, McGinity, P Hlafter, Best sign

Page 23Boer, Hlafter's golfcart, Manning, Wall, P-rade, Whitehead, Iseman, McGinity, Atkiss

Page 24: Falk, Black, Brakeley, Rudell, Todd, Tollerton, brunch, crew, empty tents

That's all, folks.

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